About the Artist: Sam McDaniel

Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sam moved with his family to Massachusetts 

when he was two. His early interest in photography motivated him to save his 

allowance money to purchase his first camera at the age of seven. His earliest 

work caught the attention of friends and neighbors and his craft began to 

blossom as Sam learned new ways of capturing his New England surroundings. 

At age 10, he began selling hand-made photo greeting cards at local arts events 

and church fairs. Sam used his earnings to upgrade his equipment and to begin a 

vintage camera collection.

Sam decided to move his work in different directions through his AP art class at 

North Andover High School. When friends asked him to take their senior portraits 

for the yearbook, Sam found a new calling as a portrait photographer. You may 

see many of these portraits on this website and the North Andover High School 

2014 yearbook. Sam used portrait photography as the centerpiece of his college 

portfolio collection. Sam will be attending Lesley University in Cambridge to 

pursue a BFA in photography in August, 2014.